Hey I'm David,

4th year CS PhD candidate at Northeastern University in the Visualization @ Khoury Lab. I am a software engineer and HCI/Info-Vis researcher focused particularly around cross-platform XR collaboration.

My Keywords:

Information Visualization, VR/AR Visualization, Collaberation, Cross-Platform Interaction, Quantitative Methods
Human Computer Interaction, User Centered Design, Detroit, TTRPGs, 3D Printing, Board Games, Red Pandas


Visconnect is a framework for adding p2p synchnronous collaberation to new or existing web based visualizations. Events, such as clicking, dragging, and brushing, are synchronized across collaborators. Visconnect also supports synchnronization of custom events to enable custom collaberative interactions.

Data Comets is a interactive PX4 flight log analysis tool. With Data Comets you can encode flight data onto the flight path, filter and brush the data by time, and much more! This tool was developed to help UAV developers and operators analyze their autonomous aerial vehicle system data.

NETRD Explorer is an interactive tool for exploring the functionality of the NETRD library. NETRD is a python library for reconstructing networks from timeseries. With this tool you can explore several of the implemented methods and compare the results.

GeoSocialVis, an interactive visualization tool for social network analyses with a focus on displaying the geosocial co-authorship network. GeoSocialVis uses a novel force layout that strikes a user-defined balance between showing network topology and the geographic locations of the nodes.